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Anetta puts on sexy jeans


Anetta has prepared her jeans already. Today she wants to squeeze herself into her dark blue jeans. She gets in with the first leg, pulls her jeans up and stretches her jeans leg into the air. Then in goes the other leg and her hot ass! Now she quickly closes the belt - and the jeans fit perfectly!

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Malika's cool jeans


Malika steps on her sofa because she wants to wear her tight dark blue jeans today. First she puts in her right leg, pulling the jeans up almost to the ass. The denim clings to her skin, and she has an awesome jeans leg. Then she sits down and puts in the other leg. Now she just has to get her sexy ass into the jeans. Smoking hot close-ups of her sexy butt!

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Jeans girl Katrinusic


Katrinusic is about to put on her sexy dark blue jeans! She is stretching one leg and one foot first, pulling up the jeans slowly. Then the other leg. She has to squeeze herself into her jeans, because they are so tight! But when her ass finally fills the jeans they fit perfectly - and Katrinusic looks smoking hot!

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Tight jeans on sweaty legs


Jalace wants to put on her jeans after the exercise in the sports hall! As she sweated a lot the jeans pants stick to her skin and she can only pull them up very slowly! Jalace starts putting her legs in and pulls the jeans over her bare feet! The jeans fits perfectly - she just has to pull it up completely, button up and then she's dressed sexy again!

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Pressed into the jeans


Eva puts on her hot light-blue jeans in front of you eyes! The jeans fits tightly on her legs and is quite hard to put on! She needs some patience but Eva likes to feel the jeans fabric rubbing on her skin. She pulls up the jeans slowly inch by inch and she even has to jump to press her ass into the tight pants! But when you look at the result - that was definitely worth the effort.

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