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Watch Katrinusic put on her jeans


Katrinusic is wearing only her panties with the two hand prints. Then she wants to put on her hot tight baby blue jeans, sitting down on the couch. Her feet immediately disappear in her jeans. She enjoys your eyes on her, lolling on the sofa for you. Watch her pulling up her hot jeans, slipping and pressing her sexy ass into the trousers. Slowly she closes the zipper. Well, aren t the jeans simply perfect? Admire her, because she is extending her ass in your direction, showing herself off to you from all sides!

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Watch her get into her jeans


Gretta first shows off her jeans before she puts them on. Today you are allowed to watch her during the long process while she tries to get into her jeans until they are a perfect fit. At first she puts her legs in the trouser legs, and then she is pushing and pulling with her hands. That's exciting to watch, because it underlines how hot her ass is. Then she is pulling the jeans over her purple lace panties until her ass can fill out the jeans. It's a bit taxing to get the buttons closed, but then she has succeeded in doing that as well. And now you can admire her in her sexy jeans!

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She squeezes herself into her jeans


Dizzy is sitting on the bed, trying to get into her hot jeans. The stunning punk girl pulls the jeans over her right foot, and then pulls them higher. Then she repeats this with the left leg. Then she leans back, trying to squeeze her hot ass into the jeans. That's quite exhausting! Then she gets up, hopping around, so that her ass disappears in the jeans at the end. Dizzy is happy when, at the end, she is able to show you her jeans, perfectly tight and perfectly fitting! Watch her get into her jeans

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Milares makes you horny while trying on her jeans


Sexy jeans girl Milares has bought new jeans and now she is holding them in front of her legs to see whether they will fit over her long legs. The dark jeans have gained her special fancy and so she is now trying them on. She lifts a leg, getting into the trouser leg with her foot, and then the other foot is following, filling the other trouser leg. Then she has to sit down to better be able to pull up the jeans. Yeah, they will sit perfectly - later! She is even lying down on the couch now, taking her hot ass into the jeans. Then she quickly dons her high heels - and: finished!

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Her ass in the white jeans


Melena has already prepared her white jeans on her bed and wants to wear them now. First she gets her foot in one, then the other foot in the other leg of the jeans! Hopping a little, up and down, she is able to pull them over her hips. Then she tries to squeeze her hot ass into the jeans, but that's impossible at first! She then drops down on the bed and tries it again! Her incredible ass is shaking right in front of your nose! What an effort to get into those tight jeans!

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