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Sexy ass in tight jeans


Angie wants to wear her dark jeans today - and you are allowed to watch her dressing! First she puts one leg into the tight jeans, then the other! Next she tries to squeeze her fucking hot into the jeans too! While doing so you can enjoy the view and adore her sexy thong - because it takes some time before she finally rises the jeans above her ass! But at the end everything fits perfectly!

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Ira puts on her jeans


Today you are allowed to watch sexy MILF Ira putting on her jeans! She wants to wear her bright jeans today so she starts to enter the jeans with one leg first! While doing so she stretches her sexy ass and her thong towards you! This jeans is a three out of four jeans which reaches her knees! She sits down and inserts her second leg too! Worship her bare feet and her sexy ass in her even more sexy jeans! And of course her high heels must not be missing!

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Sexy jeans fitting


Dasha sits down on a chair and pulls her dark blue jeans over her legs! It must be very hard work, because these pants are really tight, and she has to pull and tug to make the jeans fit! She can barely squeeze her ass into the jeans, and only while standing up. It is quite stressful for her, but in the end the jeans are a perfect fit!

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Sexy jeans girl Sara


Sara is sitting on her bed and wants to put on her jeans! The red-haired girl pulls the jeans over her bare feet and stretches towards you! She lies on her back and spreads her legs in the air! You can still admire her underpants, until she finally squeezes her ass into the jeans! She really looks great in her sexy Levi's jeans!

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Sexy jeans girl Lana


Lana is on a date very soon - and of course she wants to look perfect! She already took care of her hair and put on her make-up too! But to complete the perfect dress one thing is missing - her jeans! The jeans is very tight so she has to lay down to squeeze herself into the jeans! But her sexy ass is squeezed into her jeans while she stands! I'm sure that YOU want to have a date with her, won't you...!?

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